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Feedback is a microcosmic art exchange program, advice centre, exhibition & archive. Over the weekend we intend to inhabit the space as a working office hub through which the public can interact with Open School East associates.

Feedback aims to mirror the ethos of Open School East, by which everything shall be free and open to the public – to allow everyone access to critical exchange. We invite members of the public to share works and documents with us, welcoming artworks of any kind, including previously failed submissions or Arts Council applications. Feedback encourages participants from non-art backgrounds to submit works.  We hope to offer a space for critical feedback, showcasing and archiving of these works. Every piece of work submitted will be printed, exhibited and form part of a publication which will be made open access and archived online. Participants will be able to discuss their work with us via phone, email, google-drive, skype or in person.

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