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Digital Disconnections -  With sound from Greg Ireland
The text below is copied and slightly edited from the Normal Festival website 

"Responding to popular geotagged locations on Instagram, Louise Webb with sound collaboration from Greg Ireland has created a work which moves around Folkestone’s Harbour Arm. The full film is accessible via a QR Code which can be found on location - viewers are invited to watch the film on their devices whilst walking around the area.

Digital Disconnections comes at a time of social distancing, where we must disconnect to connect. As reliance on technology increases, and inequalities of power are exacerbated, we are asked to pause ‘touch’ and form closer bonds with our screens.

This powerful work highlights the uncomfortable effect digital technology has on our perceptions of public spaces, and the correlation and contrast with a new hyper-awareness we must have now due to the act of social distancing. Louise Webb is interested in the multiple elements involved in experiencing public space now, the need to document, the need to be distracted, and the need to navigate the space.

The sound represents a distorted relationship between the inner voice of a person and the digital narrative created by a phone, particularly highlighting the influence of spell check and how it learns your speech and mimics a person's intimate language.

The full works will be available online for those of us unable to access the walk."

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