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The desire for stillness, a moment of consuming silence. Distracted by glimpses of movement that appear in dancing forms, reminding you of impulse. Returning to the same places and being momentary present. It can never be still or silent, the worlds cling to the brief yet consistent swaying, ebbing and rustling sensations. It is the breathing of the inanimate and you realise that you are not alone, it is not silent. It is to be alive.

In This Moment


In This Moment looks to bringing place and mind forward by focusing on artists JMCAnderson had met at Cyprus College Of Art whilst undergoing her short residency. 


In This Moment captures artists working in and with a new environment. The focus is on the process of their work and how their work speaks to themselves and transitions through multiple materialities. How and what aspects have been brought forward? What forms have these ideas taken?


The online space as an exhibition allows these ideas from another place to be accessible and experienced by anyone, anywhere.

Sequence 01.00_01_44_29.Still003.jpg
Sequence 01.00_00_40_29.Still006.jpg
Sequence 01.00_01_14_00.Still002.jpg
Sequence 01.00_00_34_29.Still005.jpg
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