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Limbo Residency, Margate, July 2018 





A Series of Three Films  


Three monotonous - half alive voices attempt to tell the story of a half forgotten and hidden event. Continuous indistinguishable contradictions that stick on repeat. Separate misunderstood descriptions that lead to misleading conversations.  

There is a moment when you try and understand each layer of what someone is trying to tell you instead of acknowledging the moment, it turns into a chaotic incoherent dance of words.  

Find comfort in comotion…

The three screens play with empathetic signals using computer-generated voices to comment on the ability to hide behind a digital language. Three perspectives share the same voice and their individuality is then taken away.  They begin to become confused leading to an orchestra of differing perspectives that eventually drown each other out.

This works plays with the use of description to create a character through external “symptoms” traits that occur through mental attributes.

It is influenced by the process that occurs when remembering and how this shares the same part of the brain as creating secondary worlds and visualising written text.

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