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DAD RADIO))))) )))  


"From March 2021, DAD is delighted to begin piloting a partnership with Dover Community Radio (DCR) in the form of DAD RADIO, a new radio segment dedicated to showcasing experimental sound art & music, poetry, spoken word and local conversation. Through co-authored radio programming, DAD RADIO looks to create an open, discursive and inclusive platform for Dover’s community and DAD’s wide-reaching network of creative practitioners.

DAD RADIO presents a fitting new form of ‘home’ and creative thinking for DAD as it continues to evolve in its nomadic, multi-voiced structure – opening up new ways to share our archive, initiate cross-disciplinary conversation and further support and connect with a wealth of artists & local people as part of our ongoing mission to nurture arts & culture-led community resilience.

This project comes at a crucial time for Dover Community Radio, as it looks to broaden its output and pool of radio contributors as part of its move towards launching on FM radio. Through this new partnership, DAD is keen to work with DCR and its existing team of volunteer presenters to nurture new connections, ideas and discussions that bring increased attention & possibility to DCR as a long-term local platform.

DAD RADIO is curated by sound artist/DAD director Louisa Love and artist Louise Webb. During this pilot period, they will be undertaking radio training with DCR and using the DAD-DCR collaboration as a platform for gathering interest, conversation and ‘taster’ content from artists & local people for an introductory series of themed broadcasts exploring topics of relevance to Dover, its stories and the lives of its residents."

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