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We:You, Me - Narrative Whispers, A Conversation that Occurred Between Kearsney and Spencer 


Fictional dialogues represent a difficult transition of location and time. A self-referential conversation from different time periods (giving agency and voice to locations I have lived in)  represents how different perspectives can become different entities. The involvement of digital voices is used to reflect how easy it is to become a separate identity through the use of a digital device, investigating the similar mechanisms of presenting fiction as fact and noting how digital devices mimic our voices through learning our speech patterns, meaning that essentially you can have a conversation with yourself


To my old forgotten friend ...


Living on top of an incline, I stand to face the glowing outline of the sanctuary. Surrounded by structures of repetition, brick and rubble

Marked by hidden hands where the light does not hit them.

Eroded by continuous use,  isolated by misunderstanding.

Listening to the monotonous conversation, distracted by the sudden statements from a stranger.

Slowly expanding, houses meet their gaze. Looking down at a fragile door, barely keeping the outside away. Two points collide, it is now empty. Waiting for future apologies.


I have heard that you have returned?



I thought I would never hear from you again …..


Pushing against a current, I linger around the edge of an expanding stream. Continuously moving, life follows on. Looking back at the reflection of what was recognised, details have adapted. The ground around is strange, it no longer has the strength to stand. It consumes the brick and repays it with tar. Water has become infected, fuchsia twists across the vast stretches of translucent matter. It is cold to touch. It has become a place of contemplation, rewinding regrets and learning. I look up from the bottom of a valley, no longer waiting...


Can new ideas emerge from dust?

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